ed foster photography


       Welcome to my website. I am a photographer with 60 years of experience in various areas of my craft. I do portraits, architecture,performance and commercial photography.  I have used traditional photography and since 1992, digital imaging. I have used adobe photoshop since its first version.

        I photograph high end real estate and my images reflect the best attributes of the home. My experience as a lecturer at North Carolina State’s School of Design has given me insight on the best features of the homes I photograph. I am not the guy you’re looking for if cost is your only concern. I am reasonably priced and deliver images you will be happy with.

        I will give you a Compact Disc with color corrected images that will not be distorted since I correct in camera and photoshop.


eMail: edfoster@mac.com


Phone: 702-242-0603

Cellular: 702-204-5992